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Healing the Spider Bite

I was sitting here staring blankly at the computer and a brown recluse decided to give me some company. It reminded me that last year I got a bite from a brown recluse. After minor blood poisoning and barely being able to use my leg for over a week, I figure it’s good to not have anyone else go through that. It’s an easy fix.

Start with your basic Baking Soda

Grind up pure Aspirin in a mortar and pestle

Throw in a couple of Vitamin C tablets

Once you have the mixture to a fine powder, add just a hint of water.

You will get this chalky clay

*Make sure not to use too much water. Just use enough to hold it together.

Get a large gauze pad or fold a paper towel and put a bit of the mixture on it

Tape the pad over the bite making sure that the bite is in the center of the mixture

It will burn a bit but it is a flawless fix.

What the Baking Soda does is literally draw out the poison so with that said, you are going to get a lot of discharge from the bite. Keep a close eye on the bite and change the mixture often. Once the mixture has soaked up the poison (and whatever else decides to come with it) you’re just sitting in a pool of muck. 

I had to change mine almost every hour, sometimes even more often but then again I let my wound get pretty bad before trying to fix it.

The vitamin C will help to slow necrosis. It also helps to take a couple of vitamin C tablets off and on throughout the day. You can’t overdose on Vitamin C as they say. 

The aspirin is obviously for pain but it also aids in drawing out the poison.

I beg of you not to be like me and let it go. As soon as you start to see necrosis around a bite, get the poison out as fast as possible. My little experiment with myself could have been detrimental had I not fixed it. 

Hopefully this helps

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